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These are the works of those who I consider as really awesome...~ No kidding. ^^


Touken Ranbu - Sunlight by mikiikun
Touken Ranbu - Sunlight
Well... I was finally able to cosplay that one character that I simply cannot get enough of~! <3
Urgh Ishikirimaru, I love you so much--- uhuhuuhu!

Thank you to Maruki (my physical Ishi haha) for lending me his costume! I swear I--- HNNNGH---

Ishikirimaru - :iconmikiikun:
Photographer - Jay
Edits - :iconmikiikun:

...I still have a hangover over this shoot.

Hotarumaru - Going Now by mikiikun
Hotarumaru - Going Now
"A sortie right~? I'm going noooow~"

It looks like a screenshoooot... Well at least for me haha~

Tagteam photography and edits between me and The Epic Photography Regiment. He took the photo and did the base editing. I did the touchups and additional photo manips. <3333

Hotarumaru - Miki
Photographer - The Epic Photography Regiment
Additional edits and manips - Miki


I realized that I have yet to actually share my worldcosplay page... :)))) Again, Here is my once in a blue moon status update to show that I'm still alive and kicking haha! Does anyone even still visit my dA page? hahaha~

I am very much alive~ Though all of my new stuff can be found in my page instead. :)))))
Hi! I know that I haven't been that active here lately, so if anyone still wants to "follow" or "watch" me, I'm more active in my fb page:

First and foremost, do allow me to do a shameless plugging of my official (lol) facebook page:

Most of my cosplay stuff that I don't post here are over there, so feel free to visit and click "like" if you want to~ <3


I am still aliiiiiive~ I know, I know there are so much that I want to talk about right now actually, but I don't want to babble too much and bore you out. Haha! Soooo~ Christmas passed, New Year passed, Chinese New Year passed, VALENTINES DAY PASSED, and yet I wasn't able to post any journal updates. Haha! I fail as a blogger, I swear. xDDDD Anyway, lemme start with stuff that happened before Christmas, namelyyyyy~

I. Danganronpa/Enoshima Junko shoot~

This shoot actually took a whole lot of planning. We were planning this shoot for more than three months, and my costume and wig got postponed and postponed over and over that I seriously thought we weren't gonna be able to push through. My wig got delayed for so so long too. I had to resort to drastic measures and buy a wig from the same brand but from a different shop. I actually thought that I had to pay twice the amount and was worrying about what I was going to do in case the first wig arrived. It never did though, and the owner of the shop I ordered from first agreed to give me a full refund, so... whew!

Let me start off by introducing the team that made it possible~

I swear without these people we probably wouldn't be able to push this through. We have venue issues at the very last minute (well okay around a week before the shoot) and we didn't know of a good alternative venue. Good thing these wonderful ladies (plus myself, monokuma, and the photographers haha) were kind enough to get a permit inside their school. TTwTTb

The shoot itself was pretty much so much fun as well. We didn't have that much assistants, so Junko and Monokuma were helping out with sticking the caution tapes around, directing the lights, adjusting the props, making a mess out of the room, etc etc... xD Unfortunately, since everyone was busy during the set up, no photos were taken. Sad.

Here's another photo with the girls again xD

Here's my wonderful Monokuma next! I am so sorry, hon. Thank you for waiting for me to finish for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. Patient!Monokuma is patient... xD

Ah well... Junko couldn't help herself, so we called this photo Swag!Junko... haha!

With awesomesauce!Clintz, one of our photographers~ Junko wanted to try copying his facial expressions, soooooo....

Here's one with awesomesauce :iconjapepong: who worked with me throughout the planning of the entire shoot. Well... almost the entire time at least xD

Of course, as a gal, Junko wouldn't be Junko without a few selfies now, would she? xD


Lemme tell you a story. The shoot was scheduled for December 21. I started a diet from December 1 until December 21. I limited all my chips and snacks and rice because I know the Junko has a "body to behold", and I wouldn't want to fail doing her justice by not making the effort to at least be near her actual body type. (There's a whole different reason why I didn't show any cleavages though. It's just my morals... =w= ) Anyway, so I dieted, and I was actually quite happy with the results. But then... comes December 22. It was just three days before Christmas, and the parties was starting. From December 22 until January 2, all I did was... eat. So when I checked my weight on January 3... Let's just say that the numerical value is not something a girl would appreciate. Haha! I had to attend a convention as Junko again on the same month (January) and I had no time to lose weight, so I was pretty much scared. I'm actually quite weight conscious, you see... And well, thanks to this cutiepatootie twin sister of mine who agreed to be the said twin sister one day before the event, I got over my nervousness and just decided to wing it~

I was still in despair though since I was still nowhere near my weight from one month ago... xD

II. Chinese New Year~

Well this isn't exactly cosplay related, but as someone with Chinese blood, of course I would also want to celebrate the holiday. I was requested by a few friends of mine to do a makeup trial of something Chinese related, and though it wasn't anything big, I wanted to do something that would actually show a bit of my chinese side.

I decided to ditch the contact lenses and false lashes and do something simple with my minimal "normal" makeup. I was glad that my real hair was working with me that day. It seemed to like the camera. Haha!

And now... here comes Valentiiiines~

And what better way to celebrate Valentines than to shoot something related to the holiday?

III. Sakamaki Triplets

...or is it?

As much as I like otome games/anime, Diabolik Lovers was the first otome anime that made me pity the main character so much. Whenever I see comments in facebook saying "Aww... the main character's so lucky... I wish I was in her place", I tend to cringe and question their... "sanity", maybe? I mean, who would want to be surrounded by vampires who wants to rape, bite, suck you dry, drown you, etc etc all because it's their way of showing love? Not me, deary. Though I simply have to admit that they're hot... And since I'm your local shota with a shota complex, I ended up cosplaying Kanato... with dear :iconanimaidens:'s Chi as Laito, and Mina as Ayato~


I think she was pretty happy though... xD

Okay, now where was I? We were pretty sad that we weren't able to complete all the siblings, but we were also quite happy that we were at least able to complete the triplets. I still can't get over the fact that Kanato isn't the youngest out of the three though...

Anyway, were were supposed to meet at 10am so we can be at the studio by 10:30am. Long story short, we were only able to meet up at 11am, and Yui woke up late despite Kanato calling her 30 times. Why? She had her phone on SILENT. Good job , Yui. Good job. xD We couldn't wait for her though, so she ended up coming after us. The owner of the studio picked us up outside the subdivision. Thing is, we almost couldn't fit inside the car... sooooooo~

This is what happened. Haha! Laito was actually the one sitting on Kanato's lap. Luckily, Chi is actually smaller than I am in real life, so it wasn't that hard to have her sitting on me... xD Sorry dear~

Anyway, Kanato was the one who finished dressing up, so while waiting, he decided to take a few selfies~

...okay so maybe it wasn't just a FEW. xD

And of course, photos with the awesomesauce photographers is simply a must!

...forgive Kanato's cheeks. I know they're chubby... haha!

The shoot wouldn't be complete without a few bts selfies~

Kanato where are you looking? You're supposed to be looking at the camera, NOT AT LAITO. xD

There~ A better selfie. Yui looks happy to be surrounded by the triplets. Isn't she supposed to look scared? haha!

I never realized that Teddy actually looks big... He's really soft and fluffy and adorable though! I actually sleep with him beside me in my bed. Sometimes, he even becomes a substitute for my pillow! xD I wasn't able to finish making his pink vest unfortunately. Well technically I did, but I miscalculated the size. It was around a size or two too small for him... =A=

But anyway, what is a vampire shoot without blood~?

Ayato and Laito: "Kanato, your table manners are terrible."
Kanato: "...but Teddy doesn't mind..."

I can't help but think that Kanato looks manlier than Laito in this photo... xD

I actually want to show more bloody shots, but Ayato and Laito might want to post them on their own so... I shall leave the rest to your imaginations... haha!

Here's a photo with Dale, one of our photographers. We were like... "oh kanato... what is that disgusting face?!" Ahahaha~


OTL we still look scary with our makeup on... Creepy white faces... haha!

III. JENESYS application

I actually also applied for Jenesys. It's a ten day scholarship in Japan that is centered on anime, manga, and cosplaying. I was quite happy when I got into the top 80 out of 600+ applicants for the interview, and when I heard that we needed to cosplay during the said interview, I decided that it was probably time to give this long overdue character a cameo. LOL.

Momoi Satsuki has been in my cosplay plans for so long, but wasn't able to actually cosplay her due to money issues and plans. Surprisingly, my MOM decided to sponsor my wig. My mom doesn't usually support my cosplaying, so I was surprised when she offered to buy my wig when I was sharing with her what I lacked for the interview.

Unfortunately, only 12 girls out of 80 was going to be picked. I didn't get in. xDDD

It was still a good experience though...


IV. Future upcoming plans

And before you say anything, no. This isn't gonna be Gakupo... xD It's not even gonna be vocaloid~

Now here's something I'm looking forward to this weekend. I actually had the costume on rush and I thought I would have to borrow someone's costume for this. Luckily, my seamstress managed to finish it on time. It's actually hard planning costumes when you have work and graduate school (masters degree) to worry about...


Here have a cookie. xD
  • Listening to: classical music: beethoven, mozart, straus, etc.
  • Reading: secreeeeeeet
  • Watching: a... lot...


mikiikun's Profile Picture
NAME: Miki
AGE: why would you wanna know?
GENDER: female
INTERESTS: anime, cosplaying, reading, writing, art, music
HOBBIES: Cosplayer, newbie artist (haven't drawn anything for two years or more haha), Singer ^^

NATIONALITY: Filipino... with spanish and chinese blood from ancestors. Chinese blood seems to be dominant haha
SPEAKS: English, Filipino, barok Japanese, and very very veeeeeery little Spanish
LOVES: *grins* Food
HATES: If you know me, you'll know this

- is always mistaken for a Chinese. I don't know why.
- is married to two people in facebook hahahaha pfft---
- loves to eat exotic food like frogs, snakes, and rats
- is a registered nurse
- is more comfortable in cosplaying males than females
- is actually a religious person. I love my God. ^^


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*twiddles thumbs* I have... always wanted to experience having a premium account even just for a while... (been a member for six years already) haha~ If It's alright with you guys, will you be willing to donate a point or two? Q^Q

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